Part 1: Making Fumens and Finding Solves

Every time you want to run solution-finder, you must start all commands with

java -jar sfinder.jar

If your terminal's output looks like mine, then you have Java successfully installed and can get started.

If this error comes up however, it means you don't have Java installed.

Link to the installers needed for Java

Next, we need a way to give the program information about shapes. To do this, we will need...

A link to Hard Drop's Fumen tool

Now we can begin to start calculating what the solve odds of a shape are

Above, you can see I've detailed each tool you'll use to calculate the solve odds of the drawn shape.

The tricky part is, this PCO shape was built with I in hold, and by default, solution-finder assumes you're starting from a fresh bag. So, we input...

--patterns I,*p4

This tells the program "Hey, we have an I in hold, and we need 4 pieces from a fresh bag to try and solve this". This is because, from a standard 4-high board we want to perfect clear, we need to place 10 pieces, and 6 are already down. Therefore, the full code is...

java -jar sfinder.jar percent --tetfu v115@9gi0EeR4Rpg0DeR4wwRpglCeBtxwilDeBtwwJeAgH --patterns I,*p4

The output ?

Perfect ! We know from multiple other sources online that PCO with I held is in fact, 84.64%, with 711 successful queues out of a possible 840

Hard Drop Wiki's page on PCO

FOUR's page on PCO

But what if my queue is between bags, or what if my height is beyond 4 ?

Good question, Straw-Student. For changing the solve height, we actually just specify how many lines we're clearing exactly, using the command...


...followed by the amount of lines we're clearing down. Let's use the somewhat obscure opener, WolfMoon Cannon as our example, specifcally the final bag, and it's alleged 100% solve chance.

So, to Perfect Clear this, we would be clearing 8 lines, and should only need a single bag. Let's put it into the program...

java -jar sfinder.jar percent --tetfu v115@VgD8FeD8FeD8DeG8DeG8BeH8BeG8CeH8AeC8JeAgH --patterns *p7 --clear-line 8

Note that the program does not care about colors when you use the patterns command, so I've turned the entire setup grey in the fumen. So, what's our output ?

100%, 5,040 out of 5,040 successful queues. So, what about awkward queues where we have some pieces leftover ? Well, let's use 2nd PC, Bathtub as our example...